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Hi Shantei! Bridget here again. Do you send these letters out, or do you emailing them to people you already know? The people I know, which are a few would not do this for nothing. I've contact only one list that I saw on the internet, but they won't approve of this type of letter. To them, this type of letter is a chain letter. I want to know step by step what you really did. How much money have you made doing this so far? And be as honest as you can. I'm trying to get this off of the ground, but I just can't seem to get it. Bridget

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A good legitimate way to start making money online is with Google's Adsense. That is where you have a website or blog and you put ads on it. First of all your website/blog has to be approved by Adsense but once that is done you can start getting the code for putting the ads on your site Now since Adsense is a part of Google then you know that this is a legitimate company. Now if you don't have a website then the simplest way to start is with having a blog on Blogger - in fact Blogger encourages you to add the ads to your blog. If you would like to see a list of how much people have made using Adsense just click the link below that goes to a blog that posted about how much people have made using Adsense. How do you get paid? You either get a check mailed to you or you can have it transferred to your bank account.
How Much Adsense Money Have Others Made?

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Elaine of TSA

Dear shantei: Have you sought help from the Wise Women's Center based in Essex County, NJ? See: ged/wise/ Blessings and Best of Luck, Elaine

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I am looking for list myself- let's look together. The moment you find one let me know, I will do the same. I am really hoping this thing will fly!

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Hi Shantei: This is Bridget King again. The people that I know would not respond to this. But I need a email server, a list basically that I can email this information to people who already do this. Could you refer me to a email company that won't limit what information that you email to people. I went online and checked under Google for email addresses and they have a whole bunch of companies that have the names, but you need to read the small print, or rules and regulations to using their services. Please give me some info on this. Bridget

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Hi Shantei! I just wanted to tell you that I've seen the other ones circulating in the mail. You have to send $1. to 5 or 7 names. I did one where you had to send $5 to 5 names. I never recieved not one cent from it. I did the letter over again, add my name at the bottom. The person who I sent the money too never thank me for it or anything. The name of people that you have on the list, where did you get the names from. Is there a internet list for those people who are involved in such bussiness as this. So far, I've tried this type of thing, only to be empty handed. What is your guarantee that this will work for those who decide to do this? What if you email somone and they don't send you the $5. What then, I think the postal workers been stealing the money out of the envelopes when you send it by mail. That's my opinion on that. On the other hand, I really could use $10,000 I owe the whole world. I want my bussiness to work. I'm tired of living from pay check to pay check, and eating and not eating some days. I have to do much better than this. What do you say to those who would like to do this, but don't have the money to do it? Obviously they would have to wait, untill they are able to do this. Bridget

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Hello Shantei, Thank you for your kind words. You are now in my prayers. I will pray for you and your entire family every day so that you recieve all of God's Blessings. God Speed and God Bless You. Michael

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